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Our School Newsletter

Hautapu School publishes it's school newsletter  Hautapu PANUI fortnightly. on a Monday.  Each Family is given a printed Newsletter to take home.

The PANUI can also be viewed and downloaded as a PDF here. Just click on the PANUI Publications folder, under Resources on the right hand side and then select the week's newsletter you would like to read. (You will need Adobe Reader version 6 or higher to read these files.) 

Hautapu Panui
15th September 2014
1st September 2014
18th August 2014
4th August 2014
25th July 2014
23rd June 2014
16th June 2014
30th May 2014
19th May 2014
5th May 2014
7th April 2014
24th March 2014
10th March 2014
24th February 2014
10th February 2014
29 January 2014
Panui 2013
25th November 2013
11th November 2013
29 October 2013
23rd September 2013
9th September 2013
26th August 2013
12th August 2013
17th June 2013
4th June 2013
20th May 2013
6th May 2013
8th April 2013
14 October 2013