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Covid-19 FAQ

In light of recent cases within the Cambridge community this information is to support our families with any Covid-19 queries, and what you need to do.

In advance we know this will end up in disruptions to your lives and work, and we thank you for your understanding and support.

Please note that we are not the "health experts", but do know that the Ministry of Health may be delayed in providing advice/guidance to you.

Please also note that this information is subject to change, based on any updated guidelines from the Ministries of Education and Health.

Who do we advise if my child tests positive for Covid-19?

Please contact Tracey Bennett as soon as possible on 021 1240110.

My child has tested positive for Covid-19. What does this mean for them?

This will mean that your child will need to isolate for 10 days at home. Please contact Tracey Bennett (021) 1240110.

Your child can return to school on day 11 if they are also symptom free. 


My child is a Household Contact, what does this mean?

This means someone living in your child's household has tested positive for Covid-19.

Everyone living in the household will need to isolate for 7 days at home. Household contacts will also need a test on Day 3 and Day 7. Your child can return to school on Day 8, provided they are free of any symptoms.

If either of your child's tests come back positive, please let Tracey Bennett know by contacting her on 021 1240110

If your child is at school when they become a Household Contact, they will need to go home as quickly as possible. Please phone ahead to the office to arrange this (07 8277466).

My child is a Close Contact, what does this mean?

This means your child has had contact with a positive case. Close Contacts no longer have to isolate, unless the positive case is a member of their household.

Please note that Close Contacts from school cases are still able to attend school but need to be monitored closely for symptoms. If any symptoms develop, please keep them home and get them tested.

A member of our household is a Close Contact. Can my child still attend school?

Your child is able to attend school, but please monitor for symptoms.  

If the close contact becomes positive, then your child would need to isolate immediately.

What type of contact am I?

*Please not where it advises to isolate for 10 days this is now 7 days and a Day 7 test is required rather than a Day 10 test.

What actions does the school take when there is a positive case?

We follow a response plan based on guidance from the Ministry of Education & Ministry of Health.  This involves:

  • Seeking confirmation of the positive case, and when the infectious period was.

  • The school may notify the community of a student's confirmed positive case.

  • We will maintain the privacy of everyone involved.

My child is feeling unwell (e.g. cough, headache, sore throat etc). Can I still send them to school?

Because these are all symptoms of Covid, please do not send your child to school.  While these may be the normal bugs/sniffles that occur, we encourage you to get your child tested.

Does my child have to have a Covid test?

It is important to ensure you know if your child has COVID-19. Some of our positive cases have not shown any symptoms (asymptomatic), and therefore a test is important for your family to know. 

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATS) are now able to be used for testing. These can be sourced from testing stations and pharmacies. They can be collected before the required testing days and are able to be done at home on the appropriate days.

Is it safe to send my child to school?

If your child is not a Household Close Contact, then school is still open for them and we encourage you to send them to school as much as you can.  

As you know, our students have missed a lot of teaching and learning over the past 2 years, and we really want to see them at school as much as possible.

Our school health and safety plan for Red does contain a large number of protections.

  • All staff, volunteers, contractors on site are vaccinated
  • Our rooms have good ventilation (regularly monitored using a CO2 monitor)
  • Staff and students in Year 4 and above are wearing masks
  • We have staggered break times and areas to minimise the spread and we are limiting contact between large groups of students.

My child is anxious or scared. What advice do you have?

Our team are working hard to make school fun, safe and a place of learning.

We encourage you to focus on the things that they can do to help; mask-wearing, washing hands, getting a test (if required).

Please don't hesitate to talk to your child's teacher or contact Tracey Bennett and Dion Marchioni.

This website has some useful tips - https://www.kidshealth.org.nz 

My child needs to isolate at home. What support will school provide around teaching and learning?

Your child's teacher will be in touch to offer our remote learning support (Seesaw, Google Classrooms, online learning links on our School Website etc.) 

Hard copy resources will be made available.  We have ordered NZ Curriculum levelled books according to the needs of your child(ren).

If you have any specific queries, please feel free to email Tracey – principal@hautapu.school.nz or your child's classroom teacher.

My child has previously had Covid-19, will they need to isolate again if there is a case in our household?

Once you have recovered from COVID-19, you will not need to isolate again for 3 months, if someone else in your household tests positive during that time.

My child has previously had to isolate as a Household Contact, will they need to isolate again if there is another case in our household?

If a household contact has finished their period of isolation they do not need to return to isolation if a new case is identified in their household. However, this only applies for a period of seven days following them leaving isolation.
Should a new household member be confirmed as a case eight or more days after the household contact has left isolation, then they must start a new period of self-isolation for seven days.

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